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INODA + SVEJE  /  イノダ + スバイエ

W:540  D:510  H740  SH:435 (mm)

¥153,560 〜 ¥210,980   ( 税込 )

¥10,010 〜 ¥23,760   ( 税込 )  別売り


DC 09 dining chair is sculptured in solid wood, it is contemporary and traditional in both, the design combines the best in fine wood furniture making and contemporary machinery and production with quality ergonomics and sensible aesthetics, to create a meaningful and pleasant design for eye and body. The smooth structure of the chair is a symbiosis of form and statics, the armrest is also a structural element eliminating the common traversal under the seat. The seat itself is also a structural part and a very fine pair of fluid forms and harmonious surfaces meeting in a sharp edge.The chair presents itself very beautiful from behind and for the curious even so when turned upside down.

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