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menu arm

Hiroshi Akutsu  /  阿久津 宏

W:505  D:485  H770  SH:435 (mm)

¥48,800 〜 ¥82,800   ( 税別 )

素晴らしい木工メーカーと巡り会えて初めてデビュー出来た小椅子です。デザイナー 阿久津 宏

The first concept was “making a light, comfortable and small chair.” We wanted to challenge this lightness till you can hold this chair with one hand of course, moreover, we had to challenge till you can hold it with your finger. The structure is conservative, but the production for this kind of chair using thin and slender parts needs a high level woodwork technique. The designer said, “This chair was finally born because it had a chance meeting with a great woodwork maker.”


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