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Kazuteru Murasawa  /  村澤 一晃

W:550 D:500 H:720 SH:435,445(mm)

¥60,060 〜 ¥103,400   ( 税込 )

「LUNA:月」の名前の通り、円がモティーフのデザイン。笠木の形状や板座の座ぐり加工など、座り心地の良さを徹底的に確かめるために何度も試作を繰り返し、細身・軽量ながら 着座の快適さをあわせ持つ椅子に仕上がっている。座面の中心を軸にして回転しながら真っ直ぐ積み上げる設計で、重なった姿が美しいスタッキング機能をそなえる。

SH:435 (無垢座)  445 (布座)(mm)

Circle is the motive of the design of the chair as indicated in its name "LUNA,"the Latin word for moon. Prototyping was repeated a number of times to ensure comfortable seating experiende. Being slim yet lightweight, the chair has been brought to completion as seen in the shape of the top rail and the hollowed-out seat. The chairs are designed so that they can be stacked straight up in an orderly and beautiful manner.

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